Washington Adventist Hospital teams up with Walgreens to ease the transition home

Along wait at the pharmacy to fill a new prescription is something you come to expect, but it is often the last thing you want to do after leaving the hospital. “Many patients go straight home to continue their recovery and don’t get their prescriptions filled right away,” says Tom Sweeney, vice president and chief nursing officer at Washington Adventist Hospital. “They might not think it’s a big deal, but delays in taking prescribed medicines or missing a dose can result in slowed recovery or even a return to the hospital.”

To tackle this issue and to help ease the transition from hospital to home, Washington Adventist Hospital and Walgreens have teamed up to provide patients with bedside delivery of their prescription medications.

Washington Adventist Hospital is the first hospital in Montgomery County working with Walgreens to provide this valuable service.

“When a patient requests the Walgreens bedside delivery service, I meet with them to get all the correct paperwork filled out, I facilitate a consultation with the pharmacist, and I make sure they have their medication in hand when they leave the hospital,” says Gina Williams, Walgreens pharmacy technician at Washington Adventist Hospital. “In addition, a Walgreens pharmacist will place a follow-up call to the patient 48 hours after discharge to answer any questions that may have come up about their new medication.”

The program helps ensure patients have the medication needed to stay on the road to recovery after they leave the hospital.

“Waiting at the pharmacy for my prescriptions to be filled was the last thing I wanted to do after leaving the hospital,” says Jessica Tiggs, a former patient at Washington Adventist Hospital who used the bedside delivery program. “This service was so convenient. Not only did I get all my medications before I went home, but I had a consultation with the pharmacist who was so patient in answering all my questions about my new prescriptions. I found that really helpful.”

Williams says, “Patients often seem surprised when I tell them I can deliver their prescriptions directly to their room.”

Adds Sweeney: “Washington Adventist Hospital and Walgreens are dedicated to providing convenience and accessibility to the communities we serve, and this bedside medication delivery service takes that care to another level.”