Bill Robertson

William G. “Bill” Robertson

Joints are the points in our bodies where two bones or other elements meet. These are key intersections, such as knees, elbows or hips, that allow us to run, jump, walk and otherwise live active, healthy lives. Yet, for millions of people, painful joint conditions are part of daily living, causing quality of life to sometimes suffer.

Offering innovative approaches to joint treatment is an important way that the entire Adventist HealthCare system is improving the health of our community. Whether a patient needs joint replacement surgery, physical therapy or ongoing medical management of a joint condition, the experts throughout Adventist HealthCare are making a difference and improving the health of those in our community by delivering quality, innovative care.

Several pages in this issue of Adventist HealthCare & You showcase how we address joint health in the local community—through innovative approaches to surgery using the latest techniques, physical therapy in the comfort of your home and comprehensive education programs for patients.

Similar to how a joint in our body connects bones or other elements, the broad range of services across Adventist HealthCare connects people to the joint care they need. Surgery to replace a joint in one of our local hospitals—Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville or Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park—may be followed by a few days at Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland for physical therapy or care at home through Adventist Home Care Services. Throughout the process, the coordinated focus remains on helping joint patients return to life through quality, compassionate care.

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