On Sunday, March 10, we “spring forward” as we adjust our clocks one hour ahead in honor of daylight saving time (DST). With this change, we lose an hour of sleep, causing a disruption in our 24-hour “biological clock,” or circadian rhythm, which controls sleeping and waking.

Konrad Bakker, M.D., Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, offers the following tips for beating DST drowsiness:

  • Transition into the change by gradually going to bed earlier each night before DST.
  • Get a full night’s sleep the night before clocks change.
  • Avoid naps and caffeinated beverages.
  • Keep your routine. Go to bed and wake up at the times you usually do.

If you continually experience daytime drowsiness, you could have a sleep disorder. The Sleep Disorders Center at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital diagnoses and treats a variety of sleep related problems including insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

For more information on the Center, visit ShadyGroveAdventistHospital.com/Sleep or call 301-294-5580 to schedule a personal consultation.