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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 | 2 comments

Takoma Park Safe Grow Zone Initiative

Takoma Park Safe Grow Zone Initiative

Pesticides are out at Washington Adventist Hospital. The hospital is excited to support the Takoma Park Safe Grow Zone Initiative with pesticide-free lawn and garden maintenance.

In response to the Takoma Park community and their request to the city council to ban pesticides, the hospital will no longer uses insecticides or herbicides for their ground maintenance program.

Pesticide free zone

“We always strive to create the safest environment for the community we serve.”

“We’re proud to fully support this important community initiative,” said Joyce Newmyer, President of Washington Adventist Hospital. “We always strive to create the safest environment for the community we serve, and we worked quickly with our landscaping and turf management program managers to implement this change.”

Washington Adventist Hospital is currently working on effective options for grounds maintenance that fits within the framework of the proposed Safe Grow Zone Ordinance. In addition, the hospital will continue with plans this year to review rainwater management and promotion of the use of native and adaptive plants to reduce water needs.

Washington Adventist Hospital

Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital is an acute-care facility located in Takoma Park, Maryland. Opened in 1907, the hospital is Montgomery County’s first cardiac center, performing hundreds of open-heart surgeries and thousands of heart catheterizations each year.

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  • Stephen Davies

    Great news. I hope you will extend this ban to gas-powered leaf blowers, as well. Their use does not appear to conform to the hospital’s claim that it is a “smoke-free” campus.

    A prohibition on the use of these machines was included as a recommendation in the Task Force on Environmental Action’s report presented to the city council two years ago. In response, the city banned use of gas leaf blowers by its public works crews.

    A ban on gas leaf blowers by the hospital would go a long way toward convincing the city that it should ban the use of such machines city-wide. Gas-powered leaf blowers, like other lawn-care equipment, emit nitrogen oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds that combine with sunlight to produce ground-level ozone, a pollutant that is recognized as a serious health threat — especially for people with asthma and other lung diseases.

  • Catherine Cummings

    On behalf of the Safe Grow Zone Initiative, we applaud Washington Adventist Hospital and President Joyce Newmyer for their decision to support and voluntarily comply with the proposed Safe Grow Zone ordinance.

    Washington Adventist Hospital’s commitment to no longer using cosmetic lawn pesticides in their turf management makes it a leader in our community in terms of improving public health and the environment, the two primary aims of the Safe Grow Zone Initiative. As a hospital dedicated to the health of our local citizens, Washington Adventist sends a powerful message. The hospital also maintains a large lawn that sits adjacent to Sligo Creek so these actions will have a direct, significant impact on reducing chemicals entering our local waterway.

    We also thank Councilmember Jarrett Smith, of Ward 5, who introduced the Initiative to President Newmyer, and who shares our vision for a healthier community. Without him, we could not have realized this very significant achievement.

    Catherine and Julie Cummings
    Safe Grow Zone Initative
    Takoma Park, MD