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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 |

Ask the Dietitian: Eat Your Water

Ask the Dietitian: Eat Your Water

During these hot summer days, we need to remember the importance of staying hydrated, so we asked outpatient dietitian, Masha Fox-Rabinovich for the best ways to make sure you’re getting enough water.

Q: How can I stay well hydrated during this summer? What about when I am working out?

A: From Masha Fox-Rabinovich, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, outpatient dietitian at Washington Adventist Hospital, and Phillip McGloin, student volunteer:

Masha Fox Rabinovich

Masha Fox-Rabinovich, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, outpatient dietitian at Washington Adventist Hospital

One interesting trick to stay hydrated is to “eat your water”. This just means to make sure you eat some water-filled foods (like many fruits and vegetables) to help you stay hydrated.

Try to make drinking water a regular part of your routine at different stops during your day. Spacing your water intake out is more manageable than trying to drink as much as you can at the last minute after you are already starting to feel dehydrated.

Make sure to hydrate:

  • Before exercising
  • At work
  • Before meals
  • On trips
  • Have a reusable bottle with you at all times
  • Have a glass every time you eat a meal or snack

For moderate intensity workouts, water is sufficient for before, during and after your workout. But for high intensity workouts, your body needs the electrolytes and calories that a sports drink provides in order to help retain fluids and replace energy, respectively. It is important to remember that sports drinks should not replace water as your main source of hydration!

Look out for more healthy tips from our expert dietitian, coming soon! Do you have questions about food or nutrition? We’d like to hear from you! Post your questions in the comments section below and it could be featured in a future Ask the Dietitian post.

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