Do you know how to identify the warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse in your teenager? Did you know that abuse of prescription drugs is increasing among teenagers in areas like Montgomery County, Maryland?

Live Online Chat – Wednesday, September 25

Join Dr. Hassan Bokhari, Adventist Behavioral Health’s psychiatrist and substance abuse treatment expert, for an online chat about teens and substance abuse from 12:00-1:00pm on Wednesday, September 25. Dr. Bokhari can answer your questions about the most commonly abused drugs among teens, symptoms of addiction, how to know if your child needs help and where to get help.

Teens & Substance Abuse

Teenagers often begin using alcohol or drugs due to peer pressure, low self-esteem or other problems at home or at school. Alcohol and drug addiction can lead to long-term health problems, cognitive impairment, poor performance in school and even trouble with law.

For many parents, talking to their teenagers about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse may seem like a daunting task but it is important to initiate a conversation about the health risks associated with alcohol and drugs and learn about the early warnings signs of abuse. Dr. Bokhari can provide helpful tips on talking to your teenager and provide information about various substance abuse treatment options that are available if your teenager needs help.

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