This year, Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center became the first hospital in the Washington metro area to perform minimally invasive total-knee replacement using the MAKOplasty® robotic system.

With MAKOplasty, a specially trained orthopedic surgeon uses a robotic arm to enhance stability and increase range of motion during joint surgery. The new total-knee technology adds to Shady Grove’s robotic capabilities for partial-knee and total-hip replacements, which the hospital pioneered in our region in 2015.

Benefits of MAKOplasty vs. Traditional Joint Replacement Surgery

  • More detailed planning and accuracy.
  • Doctors can instantly make adjustments for any discoveries during the surgery, improving precision in joint placement and alignment.
  • In clinical studies, MAKOplasty patients report less pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times and high long-term satisfaction compared with patients treated with traditional joint replacement surgery.

Before Surgery

  • Using a CT scan of the knee joint, a MAKO®-trained orthopedic surgeon creates a 3-D model of the knee and loads it into the robotic system to create a personalized surgery plan for the patient.

During Surgery

  • In the operating room, our expert doctors perform the surgery using the personalized specifications from the robotic technology.

After Surgery

  • The doctor, specialized nurses and physical therapists in Shady Grove’s Joint Center of Excellence set goals to get the patient back on the move. Some patients go home the same day, while others stay just one to two days.

Is your knee pain or hip discomfort a temporary bother or something more serious? Might be time to talk to our orthopedic surgeons.