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The Bugs are Back!

If you’ve been enjoying the warm weather lately, you may have noticed more insects like bees, mosquitos and ticks. These are all common at this time of year and throughout the summer. In fact, there could be more bugs than normal this year because of the mild winter and early warm weather our area experienced. Here’s what you need to know about common insect bites and tips to prevent them. Mosquito Bites The vast majority of mosquito bites are harmless, clear up within a few days and can be soothed with an anti-itch cream. However, certain mosquito species may...

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Seasonal Allergies on the Rise

With pollen counts rising, the spring allergy season has officially started. For some, spring allergy season passes without any symptoms while others may suffer from congestion, cough, runny nose, sneezing and red, itchy eyes. As the weather begins to warm up in the next several weeks, pollen counts will continue to rise and more people will begin to suffer. Richard Samuel, MD, medical director at Adventist HealthCare’s Urgent Care centers, starts to see more severe allergy symptoms and respiratory illnesses, such as sinus infections, around the end of April and early May. “We typically see patients come in with...

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Getting Fresh with Spring Produce

Spring has sprung and so have all the fresh produce in our local farmers markets! The health benefit of purchasing fruits and veggies locally is that they arrive at your table faster, without losing nutrients while traveling across the country.

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