Author: Terry Forde

Thoughts about Adolescent Suicide and Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month. Our mental health impacts how we feel, think, and behave. It is a factor in managing everyday stress and our relationships with other people. It has a major impact on how we make life choices. The basic statistics about mental health reveal the significance of psychological and emotional wellness. One in five American adults have experienced a mental health issue, and one in ten young people have experienced a period of major depression. 20% of youth aged 13-18 live with a mental health condition, including mood disorders, behavior or conduct disorders, or an anxiety...

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Hospital Strong

This is Hospital Week 2017, the week in which we take special note of the extraordinary centers for healing and community health that comprise our core endeavor, and an opportunity to recognize and say thank you to all of our employees. I stumble a bit over saying “Hospital Week” out loud, because of how it sounds. I far prefer the sound of “Hospital Strong,” because of what it means. Hospital Strong is what happens when talented, skilled, experienced, and committed team members come together in our institutions. Hospital Strong means striving for the best possible treatment and therapeutic outcomes...

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Nurses Day, 2017

For the 15th year in a row, Nurses topped the list of the most trusted professions in the United States. In polling results released by the Gallup organization last December, 84% of the public rate nurses as “high” or “very high” when it comes to honesty and ethical standards. Healthcare providers earned four spots in the top five most trusted professions—and nurses are at the pinnacle of that list. For anyone who works in healthcare, this is an affirming statistic but not a surprising one. Trust is the bedrock of the nursing profession. About 1/3 of our workforce at...

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Hoping to Raise an Ebenezer

The second round of the NHL playoffs came to the Verizon Center on Thursday evening, and the Capitals are once again facing the Penguins—just as they did last year. In fact this is the 10th time the two teams have met in the playoffs, and the Penguins own an astounding 8-1 win advantage over the Capitals in the previous nine playoff series; the Capitals won only one series against them, back in 1994. The rivalry between the two teams—and particularly between stars Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby—is followed in both Pittsburgh and DC, and throughout the country. I’m not...

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My Bad.

It’s a phrase that has become as common as “Have a nice day” in our everyday speech: “My bad.” The origins of the phrase are a little cloudy, but the consensus seems to be that it came from neighborhood playgrounds and basketball courts where pick-up games were being played. During one of those games some unknown player acknowledged responsibility for a mistake—maybe it was a missed shot, or a bad pass, or a foul on another player (no one knows)—and instead of saying, “I’m sorry. That was my fault. That shouldn’t have happened, and I take responsibility for it,”...

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