Author: Terry Forde

My Bad.

It’s a phrase that has become as common as “Have a nice day” in our everyday speech: “My bad.” The origins of the phrase are a little cloudy, but the consensus seems to be that it came from neighborhood playgrounds and basketball courts where pick-up games were being played. During one of those games some unknown player acknowledged responsibility for a mistake—maybe it was a missed shot, or a bad pass, or a foul on another player (no one knows)—and instead of saying, “I’m sorry. That was my fault. That shouldn’t have happened, and I take responsibility for it,”...

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Hope and Renewal During Holy Week

With both Passover and the events that lead to Easter included on the April calendar, it truly is Holy Week for many in our community. For those for whom this week has particular spiritual significance, my prayer is that God’s love and care will be seen and understood with greater clarity and appreciation. Easter is important to me, and the events of this week in the life of Jesus Christ are at the heart of my personal faith. If asked what Easter means to me, I would probably reply with just one word: Hope. During Holy Week we are...

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Winning Teams

It’s been a pretty good week for professional sports in DC. Baseball season is back in full swing, and so far the Washington Nationals have a winning season! On opening day Bryce Harper hit a home run in the sixth inning, and the Nationals went on to beat the Marlins, 4-2. That homer gave Harper a record as the first player under age 25 to hit five home runs on opening day—one homer in each of the last three season openers and two in the first game of the 2013 season. At 24, he is the youngest player in...

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National Doctors’ Day

March 30 is designated National Doctors’ Day—and it is being celebrated this week with events that are a tangible expression of appreciation for our physicians and advanced practice providers. At Adventist Healthcare, we are appreciative and proud of these skilled and gifted professionals who provide care to our patients and our community. They embody our mission and are integral to our success. It was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, himself a physician, who articulated the care process so well when he wrote, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us...

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The Beauty Factor

It is always a treat to encounter someone who has found a unique way to bring unexpected joy to our everyday lives. It might be something as simple as a smile when you aren’t expecting one. It can be someone holding the door for you—or the appreciative response from someone for whom you hold the door. It can be a note you weren’t expecting from a friend. Maybe it is someone much younger than you explaining how to use an electronic device! Going the extra mile, doing more than your share, random acts of kindness: look at all the...

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