Author: Terry Forde

Father’s Day, 2017

Sunday is Father’s Day, and a wonderful avalanche of caring will be expressed for all those wonderful Fathers, Dads, Papas, Daddys, Pops, Abbas, Da-das, Pappys, and Daddy-os! Not everyone celebrates Father’s Day. It can be an awkward holiday when there is an absence in your life of someone carrying one of those names. It could be that you don’t celebrate Father’s Day because your dad has passed away. It could be that there are more complicated reasons why you don’t have someone you call one of those affectionate terms. This Sunday—Father’s Day—is a day for gratitude for those who...

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It’s a three-word question that is heard in a variety of situations, often at specific moments during the summer: “Is it roadworthy?” Sometimes it’s a question asked when a family is sitting at the kitchen table planning a vacation that requires going by car from one place to another. The planning may start with asking a rather specific question about the old family wagon: “Is it roadworthy?” Sometimes it’s a question that a parent asks when a daughter or son has been saving up their money and thinks they have found their perfect first car. Peering down at a...

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What We Remember on Memorial Day

This national holiday began as “Decoration Day,” when the first flowers of the springtime were used to decorate the graves of the soldiers who died in the Civil War. Today it is a day to honor all of the Americans who served their country in the armed services, and particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives defending our freedoms. But while standing before a gravesite, flowers in hand, or listening to the patriotic words of a ceremony that celebrates bravery and commitment beyond our understanding—what is it that we remember? What are we memorializing? Those...

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Thoughts about Adolescent Suicide and Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month. Our mental health impacts how we feel, think, and behave. It is a factor in managing everyday stress and our relationships with other people. It has a major impact on how we make life choices. The basic statistics about mental health reveal the significance of psychological and emotional wellness. One in five American adults have experienced a mental health issue, and one in ten young people have experienced a period of major depression. 20% of youth aged 13-18 live with a mental health condition, including mood disorders, behavior or conduct disorders, or an anxiety...

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Hospital Strong

This is Hospital Week 2017, the week in which we take special note of the extraordinary centers for healing and community health that comprise our core endeavor, and an opportunity to recognize and say thank you to all of our employees. I stumble a bit over saying “Hospital Week” out loud, because of how it sounds. I far prefer the sound of “Hospital Strong,” because of what it means. Hospital Strong is what happens when talented, skilled, experienced, and committed team members come together in our institutions. Hospital Strong means striving for the best possible treatment and therapeutic outcomes...

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