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Back-to-School Fitness Tips for Busy Parents

As any parent knows, September can be a hectic time of year as kids return to school, sports and other activities. Juggling schedules is tough, but you don’t have to let your personal fitness suffer, said exercise physiologist, Lauren Conley.  Exercise Tips for Busy Parents Know yourself. Be realistic with yourself. If you are not a morning person planning a 5 a.m.a workout is probably not a habit you’ll keep. Take a step back and be honest with yourself about what type of exercise routine will work best for you. Block it out. Try making an exercise appointment on your calendar...

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How to Kick Your Post-Vacation Blues

Got the Post-vacation Blues? by Nurse Rose Melendez | WGTS 91.9 FM Whether you’ve just come back from a sunny beach trip or are preparing for a new school year, we’re all familiar with the post-vacation blues, and that feeling is completely natural, according to health expert Nurse Rose Melendez, RN. Here she shares her tips to ditch the blues. Why do some people feel depressed when returning from vacation? Nurse Rose: That feeling is most likely caused by anxiety as you adjust back to the every-day stresses of your usual routine like work and family responsibilities. After some...

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Helping Kids Cope with Tragedy

News about the deadly hurricane that made landfall in Houston over the weekend seems to be everywhere. With children exposed to more media than ever these days, many parents are left wondering how they can make their kids feel safe amid these images of devastation. “When talking to your child about tragedies like the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s important to help them feel safe and emotionally secure,” said Jimmy Venza, PhD, executive director of the Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness. “Be curious about what  your child is thinking and feeling. Ask open questions to hear...

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How to Prevent Soreness After Exercise

Nobody likes feeling sore after a workout. There are many theories as to the causes and prevention of soreness. Exercise physiologist, Lauren Conley, clears it all up for us.  Why do we often feel sore after working out? Soreness is a condition commonly seen in people who lift weights, have just started resistance exercise, are returning to exercise after a prolonged break or have made a drastic change to their routine. How can you treat soreness? Ice the sore area. Stretch. Some light stretching might help with soreness brought on by tight, less flexible muscles. Use a foam roller...

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One Dietitian’s 10 Must-Have Food Items

With all the food options and cooking gadgets available today, it’s hard to know what’s actually healthy. To help us cut through the noise, our dietitian Meaghan Butler, RD, shares her top 10 food items and cooking gadgets that she just cannot live without in order to help her maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. 1. Spiralizer A “spiralizer” cuts vegetables into noodle-like spiral shapes, making the consistency similar to pasta. A spiralizer is a great way to cut down on carbohydrates and calories, and adds fiber and nutrient-rich veggies to your diet that will help you stay healthy and...

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