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Finish the Race at Your Heart’s Pace

Since his open-heart surgery in 2011, Chris Barritt has completed three Senior Olympics, four Sprint Triathlons, a 56-mile bicycle ride and a cross-country motorcycle trip.


Understanding Lung Cancer

Avni Jain, MD, a family medicine physician with Adventist Medical Group, answers frequently asked questions surrounding lung cancer.

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Pumping Tips for Working Moms

Pumping at work can seem to be overwhelming and stressful. Discover tips to make it easier and more comfortable for you.

Managing Temper Tantrums in Children

As children begin to develop their language skills, they often express how they are feeling through challenging behaviors when they are not feeling understood or that their wants and needs are not being met.

Keeping Tabs on Arthritis

Cold temperatures can cause sore, stiff joints -especially for people with arthritis. Nurse Rose Melendez, RN, tells us everything we need to know about managing arthritis.

Is Depression Disrupting Your Life?

Depression is a common and serious mental health condition that if left untreated, can disrupt your ability to function at home, work or school.

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