Surgery improves quality of life for Landover Hills woman

Wife and mother Denise Wooten is enjoying a better quality of life after heart surgery.

Wife and mother Denise Wooten is enjoying a better quality of life after heart surgery.

Having managed congestive heart failure and heart valve disease with medication for more than a decade, 45-year-old Denise Wooten of Landover Hills had a life-changing event persuade her it was time to consider heart surgery.

“My brother passed away from congestive heart failure,” Wooten says. “I saw a photo of him in the hospital the day before he passed and he didn’t even look like himself. It broke my heart, and I told myself I couldn’t let that be me. It was a turning point.”

Sridhar Chatrathi, MD, interventional cardiologist at Washington Adventist Hospital, has been seeing Wooten for the past 12 years. “We talked about surgery several years ago, but Denise wasn’t ready,” Dr. Chatrathi says. “We continued treating her conditions with medication, but more recently, after running some tests, I told her now was the time to seriously consider surgery. She agreed.”

Paul Massimiano, MD, heart surgeon and program director of cardiac surgery at Washington Adventist Hospital, then got involved in Wooten’s care. Because of her complicated heart condition, Dr. Massimiano and his team performed double valve surgery as well as a maze procedure for atrial fibrillation.

“Denise did great, and I expect her quality of life to greatly improve,” Dr. Massimiano says.

Wooten adds: “I knew Dr. Chatrathi would send me to the best. I trusted my heart care to Washington Adventist Hospital, and it was the best decision I could have made.”

For Wooten, the surgery was worth the quality of life she has gained in recent months. “I wish I’d had surgery sooner,” says Wooten, who is back to work and enjoying her newfound endurance. “My brother didn’t have surgery. If he had lived closer, I could have introduced him to my doctors. They would have helped him make the right decision.”

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