February is a good time to check in with ourselves and reflect on how our daily life plays a role in keeping our heart healthy. It’s an important time to learn what small alterations we can make that could have potentially lifesaving benefits.

To help provide a renewed sense of inspiration to live heart healthy, we connected with Chris Barritt, former heart tumor surgery patient at Washington Adventist Hospital.


“As they say ‘Everything in moderation,’” said Chris who is pictured here scuba diving in Jamaica.

“I have been living heart healthy by eating well, taking a vigorous 40 minute walk everyday and making sure to get a proper night’s sleep. As they say ‘Everything in moderation,’” said Chris who is pictured here scuba diving in Jamaica.

If you recall, Chris was able to make his cross-country motorcycle trip a reality after open heart surgery to remove a life-threatening heart tumor.

What also helped him recover in time were his healthy lifestyle habits. “Heart patients who have well-established healthy eating and exercise habits have an advantage during the recovery period,” said Paul Massimiano, M.D., heart surgeon and program director of cardiac surgery at Washington Adventist Hospital, who performed the open heart surgery. “I was confident Chris would follow the right steps on the road to recovery and we’d get him back to his adventurous lifestyle.”

Way to go Chris for keeping up the good work! Whether it’s a cross-country motorcycle ride, a trip around the world, or simply spending time with friends and family, let these be the motivating factors to keep your heart healthy this February so you don’t miss out on life’s adventures.

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