An audience of nearly 200 business and health leaders joined us on Oct. 8, 2012 for our Sixth Annual Health Disparities Conference,  “Starting at the Top: Achieving Health Equity Through Executive Leadership”. Our expert panelists provided attendees with successful strategies to address and reduce health disparities in their communities.

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As leaders of major health institutions, you described what you are doing to increase health equity and reduce disparities within your institution, which is certainly an important priority.  How do you see your role in directly increasing equity and reducing disparities in your proximal community, state and nation?

As CEOs, it is imperative that we set health equity as an organizational priority for the communities we serve.   Many of us are involved with a host of other organizations that influence and develop policies around healthcare and the social determinants of health. Implementing equity initiatives in our organization and calling others to do the same is a way to increase equity and reduce disparities in our communities, state and nation.