Thanks to immediate action taken by two Washington Adventist Hospital employees, a local resident was able to recover after suffering from cardiac arrest.

On June 24, Sandra Roberts and Beatrice Yeawon, patient care techs on the Intermediate Medical Care Unit (IMCU) at Washington Adventist Hospital, started their morning like any other, with a walk around Lake Artemesia in College Park. As part of their daily routine to keep healthy, Sandra and Beatrice walk two to three times around the lake each day, which spans 38 acres. A few moments after they saw a man running past them, they turned the curve to find him collapsed on the ground with one bystander trying to wake him and another calling 9-1-1. 

Sandra Roberts and Beatrice Yeawon

Sandra Roberts and Beatrice Yeawon

“I immediately ran over to check on the man,” said Sandra. “After finding he had no pulse, I started doing CPR.” Within about two minutes, the man’s pulse returned and he gasped for air. While the man remained unconscious, Beatrice jumped in to continue CPR. Sandra and Beatrice took turns to administer the chest compressions until an ambulance quickly arrived to get the man to the Emergency Department at Washington Adventist Hospital.

The now former patient is currently on his way to a full recovery and credits Sandra and Beatrice for saving his life.

“When you go through this type of experience, you take a step back and realize what you are living for,” said Beatrice. “It really made me appreciate that we were in the medical field to be able to help him.”

Sandra and Beatrice visited the man at Washington Adventist Hospital after the incident. “He was tearful and so grateful, saying he’d do anything for us,” recalls Sandra. “I told him I just wanted him to be able to walk out of the hospital alive and well.”

By dropping everything to help someone in need, even outside of the hospital, Sandra and Beatrice displayed true spirits of service and compassion. We are honored to have them as part of the Washington Adventist Hospital family.