Growing up, there was always at least one Christmas spent at a relative’s, friend’s or other’s home that left you asking – will Santa be able to find me? Will he still come if I’m not at my own house?

This year, Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center wants to make sure that no child staying with us has to ask this question. With the help of generous community members, we are collecting gift donations from our pediatric wish list.

From dolls to trains, action figures to movies – our wish list has something for kids of all ages. And in just the click of a button, that gift can be sent straight from to our hospital.

While toys are the highlight for kids, many of the products listed help make parents’ stay easier, such as diapers and clothes.

Since the beginning of this month, we have received more than 100 items from the community.

Help make this holiday season one that the kids and parents at our hospital won’t forget. With 12 days left until Christmas, there is still time to buy a gift.

Thank you to everyone who has already bought something. Together, we can make sure our kids know Santa is able to find them.