As we close out this year, we would like to take a moment to pass on a few final tips about remembering what is really important throughout the holiday season; connecting with and spending time with those you love. Below are some suggestions for maximizing family and friend togetherness:

  • Devote uninterrupted quality time to your family. Take time away from cell phones, business, and other distractions. Set up a night to play a game together. Playing games offers opportunities to laugh and work together.
  • Treat your family members with the same love and respect with which you treat your close friends. Let them know you are happy to see them and they are loved and valued.
  • Involve your family in your holiday preparations and celebrations. Even younger children can help stir the cookie dough or help with decorations.
  • Celebrate in your own way. While some people might cherish age-old traditions, others may find joy in starting a new one.
  • Share memories of each other and past gatherings. Enjoy looking at family photos and home-videos.
  • Family game night by fireplaceMake family time physically active. The goal for children is to be moderately physically active for 60 minutes per day. Make getting more physical activity a family project and encourage everyone to think of fun things to do together.
  • Get your family involved in helping your community. Community, religious and social groups can help us feel connected to others during this time. Volunteering at homeless shelters, a food pantry, or baking for those who may be homebound can help you feel connected to the larger community during this time.
  • Find time to contact those family and friends who are not able to be with you during the holidays. A phone call or greeting card lets others know that you are thinking about them.

Slow down and embrace the days ahead. Making family time a priority is important. May this holiday season be filled with love, joy, peace, and lasting memories.