Easter Sunday is only a few hops away! In addition to its religious significance, fun traditions, such as egg decorating and egg hunts, have evolved to become a standard part of this holiday. Easter is a great time for you and your family to get involved in a community-wide egg hunt or even a hunt in the comfort of your own backyard. Find a good hiding spot for the basket and provide clues for your kids to run around and find it!

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Easter is the 2nd most important holiday to eat Candy, next to Halloween of course. While it is alright to indulge in sweets every now and then, sugar highs and cranky crashes are probably not the most ideal way to spend your day. Although we may be tempted to load up our Easter baskets with Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and assorted chocolates, Easter baskets supply the perfect opportunity to practice smart snacking.

It is okay to put sweets in your Easter basket; just remember to eat in moderation and incorporate fun activities into your Easter festivities.

Tips for a Healthy & Delicious Basket!

  • Use a smaller basket. Portion control is key. A smaller basket fits less candy and encourages you to pace yourself, rather than binge on candy.
  • Swap the candy for a toy. A small toy, like a matchbox car, or a bouncy ball fits just as well in an Easter basket. Just be sure that toys are safe, and age appropriate.
  • Step up your snacks. There are plenty of delicious and healthy munchies you can put into your basket. Try some pomegranate craisins, yogurt covered pretzels, cocoa almonds, or dark chocolate candies.
  • Go Homemade. Homemade banana or zucchini muffins or a trail mix of cheerios, popcorn, banana chips, and nuts can make a great addition to your basket.

Did You Know?

  • Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made each year.
  • Americans consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe 3 times over.
  • The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year.
  • When coloring Easter eggs, it is recommended to use food grade dyes, liquid food coloring, or fruit-drink powders.