Seventh-day Adventist health system ministry leaders from across the nation gathered at Adventist HealthCare’s corporate offices this week to discuss the importance of faith in delivering health care. This group of mission integration vice presidents, representing 18 health systems from 17 states, has been meeting annually for the past nine years. This week’s meeting was held from April 21 to April 23.

Congressman John Delaney

Congressman John Delaney discusses the intersection of public policy, health care & faith.

“The job of this organization is to ensure that faith-based principles are included in how our systems deliver care,” said Ismael Gama, associate vice president of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care for Adventist HealthCare. Topics discussed over the three days included issues in health ministry, chaplaincy and health equity.

Congressman John Delaney (D), serving Maryland’s 6th District, was a guest speaker on the first day. Delaney discussed the intersection of public policy, health care and faith, describing the leaders in the room as being on the forefront of how we think about health care. He also addressed the Affordable Care Act and the nation’s changing health-care landscape.

“I find that institutions that answer to a larger calling, beyond just the substantive medical services, really do deliver a better experience,” Delaney said.

This is the third year Adventist HealthCare has hosted this annual meeting.