It’s time to man up and take control of your health! June is Men’s Health Month, a national movement to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Men are 24% less likely than women to visit the doctor. The lack of insurance, thinking that nothing is wrong, and negative experiences in the healthcare setting are a few reasons why men may decide not to visit the doctor’s office. The lack of this health-seeking behavior contributes to the top three leading and preventable causes of death in males: heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries.

As Father’s Day approaches, make a commitment or encourage the men in your life to make the following healthy decisions as recommended by the US. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Get screening tests to find diseases early. Find out which screenings are appropriate for your age HERE.
  • Eat a healthy diet & engage in regular physical activity. By eating healthy and engaging in physical activity, you can lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight. Have a diet question? Leave it in the comment section below and we’ll get it answered for you by Washington Adventist Hospital’s dietitian, Masha Fox-Rabinovich.
  • Stay safe on the road and use common sense. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of unintentional injuries and fatal accidents among men.

It’s time to start the conversation about your health and wellness with your doctor. Anyone can be UNHEALTHY, but it takes a man to take charge of his health for the benefit of himself and those around him.

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