Fourteen-year-old Girl Scout Ellyn Rebein is “paying it forward” by helping to support cancer patients and their loved ones at the Aquilino Cancer Center.

Ellyn is a bargain shopper who buys and resells garage sale items. Inspired by her grandfather who passed away from pancreatic cancer, she donates her profits and time to help others with cancer and their loved ones.


Our staff dedicated the library during a June celebration with Ellyn and her family.

“She brought us dozens and dozens of hats and scarves that people can wear,” says Mimi Mahon, director of palliative care services at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center. “She also brought blankets because people going through treatment for cancer very often get cold.”

In addition to donations, Ellyn created a palliative-care library in the Center. It includes books to help loved ones of people with chronic illness. The hospital’s palliative care program provides direction, resources and comfort to patients living with chronic illness and to their families.

“When someone has a diagnosis like cancer or another serious illness, it’s a singular journey but it’s not a journey done alone,” says Mahon. “What Ellyn has allowed us to do, is develop resources to help people with that.”

Fox News Channel 5 highlighted Ellyn in their “Pay It Forward” segment. The segment honors and rewards local people who go above and beyond.

Our staff dedicated the library during a June celebration with Ellyn and her family.

In addition to her efforts thus far, Ellyn set up a “GoFundMe” account. People can donate to help expand the library.

The Aquilino Cancer Center is the first of its kind in Montgomery County. It provides a range of clinical and support services for people with cancer.

To donate to Ellyn’s account, visit: