Naturally 7, the a cappella group noted for using their voices to approximate the sound of instruments and drums, has released a wonderful version of the Coldplay song “Fix Me.”

By incorporating photos and video of acts of kindness and caring, the group has created an inspirational music video that helps communicate some of what it feels like to be an effective caregiver. When you watch their video, two phrases from the lyrics became clear in their meaning.

The first occurs in the second part of the first verse:

“The tears come streaming down your face

When you lose something you can’t replace.”

Every day in healthcare we help people cope with the loss of “something you can’t replace.” Sometimes it involves how patients deal with deficits—limitations on mobility or functions that are the result of injury or illness. Sometimes it takes the form of consoling a family that has lost a loved one. Sometimes it entails confronting emotional and mental health issues. These are some of the most difficult moments in life, and healthcare has always been a willing companion and source of strength for those seeking healing.

The next phrase that the video helps clarify appears in the words of the refrain:

“Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones,

And I will try to fix you.”

We have all witnessed the role of hope in the healing process. There is virtually no aspect of care that is not helped by the determination to fight back against the limitations imposed by illness or injury. Our therapeutic practices almost all factor in the participation of the patients in their own healing through their positive attitudes and outlook. That comes from within, and it is matched by care that is external to the ones we are seeking to help.

The simple phrase “I will try to fix you” is a concise expression of what happens when the combined talents, skills, experience, and commitment of our entire team is devoted to the healing and health of our patients. Basically, it is the contract we accept with every person we meet in our work. In every case, with the resources and tools we have been given, we will do everything we can to “fix” each health issue facing our patients.

It’s a lovely lyric, wonderfully performed and beautifully illustrated in the video. And it is also what we are doing every single day.