I want to express my deepest appreciation to our entire Adventist HealthCare team for the spirit of concern and care demonstrated as we are addressing our response to the Ebola virus. Genuine concern for those who may depend on us has marked the planning and preparation in the event we care for a patient with Ebola in one of our hospitals. It is clear that our mission of demonstrating God’s care is a powerful motivation to respond with grace, compassion, and careful, competent care.

It has also been our privilege during this process to provide financial and emotional support to our colleagues who are working with patients and seeking to stop the spread of the virus in West Africa. Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia is at the epicenter of this crisis, and working through the global network of Adventist hospitals, we have responded to the opportunity to support them in their work. Our hearts and prayers are with our colleagues who are working in such difficult circumstances. We recognize that what they are doing is making a very significant difference, and that we are all part of an interconnected community.

When a health crisis presents itself—whether localized or global—the courage and determination to honor our calling are of profound significance. We confront human crises every day; it’s a part of our job.  Each crisis requires our full attention, is responded to with competent and skilled compassion, and has the best results for our patients and our community at heart. This is our sacred calling.

It brings to mind the text from the biblical book of Esther that reminds us that all of our resources and capacity to provide care have been given to us for a reason:  “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”  (Esther 4:14).