How many times have you wanted a snack at work, and grabbed a piece of candy, or a bag of chips? Maybe more often than you think! When hunger strikes in the workplace, you want that quick, easy bite that will satisfy you, but if you grab that chocolate bar just how long will empty calories keep you content?

Snacking while working can be considered “mindless eating”, a phrase created by a psychologist at Cornell University.  This phrase refers to subconscious eating habits that can lead to unnecessary weight gain.  Mindless eating can happen as a result of various environmental factors and can easily be avoided.

When you get the urge to snack at work, choose something that will not only fill your belly, but will also satisfy your body.  Instead of going for a quick sugar fix, throw out the candy bowl and grab a snack with protein that will fill your belly for the long term!

Improve Your Health

Focusing on Food

How to make the best of your meal:

  • Slow down – eating too quickly can take away from enjoying a meal
  • Watch for the eating “pause” – when your body first tells you to take a break, you should stop
  • Separate food from technology – stay away from the TV and computer when eating
  • Don’t eat by the clock – eat when you are hungry, not when your watch tells you to

Snack Attack!

Bring these to work for a quick and healthy bite

  1. Hummus with veggies
  2. Krispy kale chips
  3. Cottage cheese with fresh fruit
  4. Edamame
  5. Unsalted brown rice cake with mashed avocado, sprinkled with black pepper and paprika
  6. Yogurt topped with fresh berries