In the forecast over the next few days: a 100% chance of Caps and Gowns!

So many excited graduates and their families are celebrating milestones of achievement and honor as the annual graduation rituals are in full swing.

For the Forde family it is a time of pride and joy as our oldest daughter graduates from high school. It has been a thrill to watch her grow and take on every new challenge, becoming a wonderful young woman with so many aspirations and hopes.

She has announced her intention to attend nursing school in the fall—a decision that both her mother (an oncology nurse) and I were very pleased to hear. I think healthcare is a good choice for a young person who wants to make a positive contribution to the community—an excellent place to work and learn and grow.

My daughter is just starting her career training, but there are many who are graduating from universities and colleges, and this marks an even bigger transition for them. We are pleased that we will be welcoming at least 35, and maybe as many as 50, new graduates to our team as new employees! Welcome! I sincerely hope that AHC will be a great place for you to pursue your careers and begin your clinical work.

As people of faith, we can do more than welcome: We can pray that God will bless each of these new graduates, and we can be an active part in that blessing by embracing them in their new role. In Genesis there is a verse that says, “You will be a blessing, and I will bless them that bless you.” I love how that verse wraps us all into the blessing, and I like to think that just as God has blessed each of these new graduates with a bright future, our engagement with them is a big part of that blessing, which in turn blesses us.

May God bless each graduate sporting a mortarboard this spring! We are proud of you, and congratulate you for your achievements.