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It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her life. Elizabeth Leo of Germantown, Maryland took just a few minutes to find out her risk and won an Apple Watch as part of Adventist HealthCare’s breast cancer awareness campaign to “know your risk.”

Breast cancer affected Elizabeth’s life when her younger sister and best friend were diagnosed a few years ago. She feels it’s important for everyone, especially women, to do what they can to catch it early. She gets her mammogram every year. “I tell my friends to get a mammogram every year, and not be afraid because they think it will hurt,” says Elizabeth. Early detection through mammograms and breast exams can save lives.

Risk factors for breast cancer include:

  • age,
  • lifestyle,
  • genetics, and
  • personal history.

Despite having some knowledge of her risk, Elizabeth wanted to find out “Did I really know what I thought I knew?” After completing the risk assessment, participants like Elizabeth receive a report about their 5-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

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