Are you all dug out? Street and sidewalks clear? Kids back in school?

By now we’ve all seen the statistics about the Great Blizzard of 2016—with snowfall totals from 20-30+ inches throughout the entire DC region. On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the storm known as “Jonas, or “Snowzilla,” was the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the Northeast in at least 66 years.

The storm brought its own set of challenges to our team at Adventist HealthCare, and I was awed and inspired by the responses that the storm prompted from every sector of our company.

There were many staff members who stayed over multiple nights at the hospital in order to be able to serve our patients the next day.

A fleet of 4WD vehicles was pressed into service to transport employees to the hospital.

There were many physicians who found ways to brave the elements and come in to work extra shifts.

We witnessed extraordinary teamwork from our IT professionals and all of those who work alongside them, enabling us to quickly address computer and network issues that were storm related.

And there was superb local and regional collaboration with all of our community partners to respond to the storm unfolding around us.

All this was done in the spirit of our mission to serve our patients. In times like these, our mission truly comes to life in untold moments of selfless and compassionate care.

Thank you—each of you. The storm is in the history books as one of the big ones! And it’s in our Adventist HealthCare history books as evidence of an organization whose people respond to crises with grace, determination and an unwavering commitment to make our mission meaningful and real.