“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” – Swedish proverb

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Do you have plans yet? No matter what you are doing this Sunday, celebrate the joys of sharing your life with another person. Some may celebrate this holiday with the cards, candies, and teddy bears that stock the shelves in February, but are our relationships also stocked with love? During this Valentine’s Day, focus on and cherish all relationships important to you, whether they are with friends, significant others, or spouses.

A healthy relationship is one in which both parties live in an environment of compassionate human connection by being able to communicate their needs and feelings without blame or judgment (loveisrespect.org). The keys to this harmonious communication are empathy, acceptance, valuing the other and listening. This Valentine’s Day, try showing your appreciation through love, kindness and by practicing the cornerstones of healthy relationships. A little chocolate wouldn’t hurt either.

Love Numbers:

  • The average couple will spend $130.97 per person on Valentine’s Day. Cut the cost and show you care with a home-cooked, intimate candlelit dinner.
  • 29% of people will send a romantic text. Say it in person and say it with meaning!
  • It is predicted that 151 million cards will be exchanged. If you buy a card, hand write a personal message emphasizing what this person means to you.

Read more Valentine’s Day numbers on CNN.

Spice it up!

  1. Try something new – Try out a new activity together like a cooking class or bird watching. Shared experiences are a great way to promote closeness.
  2. Bring it back to your roots – Recreate your first outing together. Go back to the ice rink you had your first couples skate. Recreate the meal over which you shared your first kiss.
  3. Give thanks – Thank your significant other for the companionship and care they provide. Gratitude is not only a quick easy way to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, but it will instantly boost your mood as well.

Sources: CNN, LifeWork Strategies and Adventist HealthCare. The Health Tip of the Week is for educational purposes only. For medical advice, consult your physician. Feel free to copy and distribute this health resource.