In the Old Testament book of Isaiah there is a wonderful accounting of a moment when Isaiah was a young man. He was so moved by the events happening in his life, and so challenged by the way in which God’s power was revealed to him, that when he wrote the story down he recounted it by saying, “I saw the Lord,” and “I heard the voice of the Lord.”

I’ve always wondered what must have happened to cause Isaiah to tell the story of his own life in such grand terms. But now I think I understand.

On Monday, at the ceremonial groundbreaking for the new hospital in White Oak, I saw the Lord. Not in the heavenly host like Isaiah did, but in the gathering of all those who have labored so long and so faithfully to bring to fruition the construction of the new hospital.

As I listened to the impassioned retelling of how our community has worked so hard for this, and as I heard the thankfulness for the patience, persistence, and commitment that was required to see this process through, I saw the hand of the Almighty—and his guidance in the life of our organization and the future of our community.

When I heard from our government representatives and from business leaders what the new hospital will mean for our local economy, and when I was reminded again of how this will dramatically increase the opportunity and capacity to have a transformative impact on the health and life of those we serve, I believe I also heard the voice of Divine Providence reassuring us and prodding us to stay faithful to the task.

When Isaiah saw and heard God in his life, he responded by saying, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” The leadership of our organization went from the events of Monday with renewed convictions that God is leading us and calling us—and is sending us out from that ceremonial moment with a mission.

The groundbreaking is a powerful indicator of our commitment to carry through and finish what we start. We have seen God’s hand at work, and we have followed his voice to get to this point. “Here we are,” we proclaim. “Send us to finish this task you’ve led us to take up.”