“Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” Those are the lyrics for an old song that children might sing at summer camp or in a church youth group. Along with the song, the kids would learn the hand motions, which were pretty simple.

For the word “deep,” you would reach down to the ground with one hand and extend the other hand as far up towards the sky as you could. And then for the word “wide,” you would throw your arms out as far as you could, with fingers extended. The trick was to do these motions while singing the song and without hitting the kid next to you. It made for an interesting song service at church.

We’ve been having a “deep and wide” season of blessings at Adventist HealthCare for many months. Amid all of the changes and challenges—and new opportunities to serve in more effective ways—I have great appreciation for those whose partnership with AHC has been “deep and wide.”

Over the past few weeks I have encountered so many people who have been a part of AHC for many, many years. We have benefited greatly from people who have worked hard to reason through very complex processes. And there are those who have consistently pushed our organization to reach higher and imagine how we might be even more effective in all that we do. These are the “deeps” who have helped us stretch and grow.

Also during this time we have been looking for the ways our work can expand and can serve more widely: the collaborative relationships we can create with other organizations, the way we can be part of significant community initiatives, the impact our work can have on so many different aspects of a community’s life.

“Deep and wide.” I am thankful for both kinds of experiences, both kinds of relationships, and both kinds of opportunities. May our faith and reliance on God’s leadership and grace be deepened every day, in every aspect of what we seek to do together. And may we have the vision to see greater vistas for service, wider horizons for partnerships, with hearts and hands wide open to the fulfillment of our calling and mission.