A poet once wrote, “Work is love made visible.” I can’t think of a better way to both explain and appreciate the committed service of our Adventist HealthCare team. Each year Hospital Week (May 8-14) provides an opportunity to express appreciation for how our employees and staff “bring their hearts to work” each day to provide excellent and compassionate care for our patients and their families. Their work is literally love made visible.

Our team brings their hearts—and their whole selves—to work. They are engaged with their patients. They interact with families. They are the lifeblood of our hospitals, of our care centers, and of the services we provide throughout our community. They are the heart and mind—and hands and feet—of our mission, and they make love visible and tangible.

It is amazing to watch how our teams pull together when there is a crisis or an unexpected challenge. Some of our services—like in the Emergency Departments—are all about those crisis-filled moments. But watch what happens when there is a snowstorm, or a key system goes down unexpectedly, or there is a disastrous event in our community. At moments of great need and crisis, our team makes compassion and love visible.

Our hospitals (and all of our care centers and services) serve everyone, without exception. Awareness of the cultural, economic, or social issues that challenge our communities is coupled with respect and a deep appreciation for the power of love to bridge differences. We are committed to excellent care in every situation, and it is a way in which our work makes love visible.

Our hospitals become places of love made visible when we recognize and honor the various ways in which those who come to us express their own faith. Faith-based healthcare takes very seriously the blessings and grace that personal convictions and practice bring to healthcare. We know that in the stories of faith that each of us cherish there is great potential for healing and renewal—and one of the keys to love made visible.

And we make love visible when our prayers are those of hope and affirmation, when we express gratitude for the way God is working in our own lives and through the work we share. I believe that we become love made visible when we seek God’s strength for our community in prayer, and when we pray together as a visible symbol of being God’s own children.

I’m thankful for Hospital Week because it gives me the opportunity to express my thankfulness for all of you. You do bring your hearts to work. You do make love visible through your compassionate service. You are the reason why hospitals are so important to the health and future of our community.