We all think of the fourth Thursday in November as a time for gratitude, and just saying the word “Thanksgiving” prompts memories of family gatherings, tables of abundance, and a time of joyous gratitude and appreciation.

But as wonderful and filling as that autumn meal can be, for me there is nothing quite like summer suppers at home with my family. The perfect combination of the late summer sunsets and the fresh produce and fruit of the season, together with the ones I love the most gathered around a table (or barbeque) rivals any moment of the year.

Unlike a holiday, we aren’t together because there is something special to celebrate. We’re together because we want to be. That’s enough. And we don’t have months to catch up on (or a whole year). We just have the ordinary events of the day. Instead of a lavish menu with complex recipes that are attempted just once a year, we have simple food, fresh food, favorite foods. Sometimes a pizza. Always enough.

As significant as the holidays can be—and I do love Thanksgiving—there is something to be said for embracing the joys of the everyday. The blessings of the routine. The surprising goodness of ordinariness.

Living each moment with joy, purpose, graciousness, and love is one of the most important things we can learn to do. Summer suppers offer us the chance for learning every single day.