A new outdoor workspace opened this month in Downtown Silver Spring called The Outbox. Designed to encourage office workers to take their work outside, the space features desks, chairs, outlets, free WIFI and fits around 20 people.

Outdoor spaces like the Outbox are becoming increasingly popular as more employees look for ways to combat stress, increase creativity and boost morale. The Outbox allow employees to get outside, be inspired and interact with their coworkers in a new and different way.

Another benefit to taking your work outside is it takes you away from sitting at a desk all day. Office workers that sit for long periods are at risk for developing chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. Taking time to get physical activity during the day can increase your energy level and lead to better overall health.

“I tell my patients about the benefits of exercise and stress reduction and most think they have to fit it into their busy evening schedules. Incorporating some physical activity during the day while at work can make a difference to leading a healthier lifestyle,” says Proshat Nikou, MD, a primary care physician with Adventist HealthCare Adventist Medical Group.

Even if you don’t work near The Outbox, there are other ways to get healthier in the workplace. Try these easy tips:

  • Start a walking club with your coworkers
  • Take the stairs at lunch
  • Stand up during phone calls
  • Set reminders in your calendar to take a walk and stretch