As the former hurricane and now tropical storm that has been dubbed “Hermine” continues its trek across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, hundreds of communities and thousands of people are bracing themselves for a rainy, windy weekend. This Labor Day will not be much of a holiday for them.

I’ve been thinking about the hospitals and healthcare personnel in all those areas. About the emergency response plans that are being activated, and the phone calls, text messages, and impromptu meetings that are happening as people like you and me are responding to the needs of their communities. In those communities where the evacuation orders are just now being eased and people are trying to find their way back home, healthcare and emergency service personnel are finding their way to work. In the communities where the storm will hit today, hospitals are already on alert, and the work of responding has already begun.

Watching the pictures from the storm, I know that there are many, many competent teams that have come together to support and care for their communities. It is a reminder that healthcare is a team effort—and one from which we never take a holiday.

Labor Day is a holiday ABOUT work, not necessarily a holiday FROM work. If you are working in one of our hospitals or facilities this holiday weekend—thank you! You exemplify the spirit and mission of our organization.

My appreciation extends to our entire team, whether you are “working the holiday” or not. Our mission depends on you and on every bit of skill, experience, and commitment you bring to the task. A national holiday that celebrates work and the worker reminds us of the importance of the work we do each day.

On this Labor Day, thank you for what you do to contribute to the fulfillment of our mission. Thank you for the teamwork that sets the standard and the pace for our endeavor. When our community confronts our own storms and challenges, I know that we will be ready. Labor Day is a celebration of what that readiness requires and why it matters.