Did you know that the words that mean “blessing” appear in the scriptures with nearly the same frequency as the words that mean “love”?  Blessing—being blessed by God and extending those blessings to those around you—is an important part of the faith that is described in the scriptures.

Blessing, and blessing others, is at the very heart of God’s promise to Abraham in the book of beginnings. In Genesis 22, after a terrible test of Abraham’s faith, the promise is made that Abraham will be blessed with descendants as plentiful as the stars of the heavens—and that through these generations of children the whole world will be blessed. Abraham was blessed so that he could in turn be a blessing. It is a story right at the heart of the Bible story.

“Blessed to be a blessing” is a key part of the faith that motivates Adventist HealthCare. One of the things for which I am most thankful is that the work we do each day provides us opportunities to truly bless those we serve. We bless when we approach each situation with honesty and an open heart.  We bless when we choose to focus on the potential for transformation that exists for each person or situation we confront. We bless when we affirm hope and grace in the face of illness, disease, and challenging circumstances.

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and counted our blessings. How do those blessings change the way we live and act? What opportunities for blessing others do those blessings create for us? How can we—individually and collectively—extend those blessings into the work we do each day?

My prayer for you this week is that you will be blessed—and that together we will be the means through which those we serve will be blessed.