The poet Kahil Gibran wrote, “Work is love made visible.” It takes a lot of people to make that phrase come true in a hospital or any healthcare facility. It’s the result of all the activities—large and small—that are carried out each and every day that turn our work into love made visible.

In January, one of our most faithful team members was honored for “love made visible.” The leadership team at Washington Adventist Hospital presented the distinguished RISES award for Service to Delores Fender. As an environmental services attendant, Delores has brought a vibrant personal touch to her work with constancy, warmth, and faithfulness.

Delores was recognized for the care she brings to every interaction she has with patients, coworkers and visitors. “A beautiful and precious spirit,” is how a co-worker describes her. A patient said of Delores: “I love her spirit. She comes in with a positive attitude and she’s very uplifting.” Delores has embodied this spirit for 28 years! That is an amazing accomplishment.

Delores is love made visible. I admire Delores and people like her who bring such positive qualities to their work. It’s not just that they recognize the importance of the immediate task at hand. They also bring the best kind of energy to their work—physical, emotional, even spiritual. They find ways to turn every moment into something of beauty. They demonstrate the meaning of commitment. They make me hopeful.

Healthcare professionals are typically passionate about the work they have chosen to do and the qualities they bring to their work. That passion is shown in many forms; whether it’s the skilled hands of a surgeon, the compassionate touch of a nurse or the dedication of employees such as Delores Fender. All these extensions of God’s care are love made visible.