With both Passover and the events that lead to Easter included on the April calendar, it truly is Holy Week for many in our community. For those for whom this week has particular spiritual significance, my prayer is that God’s love and care will be seen and understood with greater clarity and appreciation.

Easter is important to me, and the events of this week in the life of Jesus Christ are at the heart of my personal faith. If asked what Easter means to me, I would probably reply with just one word: Hope.

During Holy Week we are forcefully reminded that in every moment of life, with every new day, we are moving with hope towards God. We can have a better understanding of His love and grace. In the expressions of our faith, in the stories we retell during this time, in the prayers we pray together and privately—this is a time of greater awareness of God’s work in our world and in our personal lives. It is a time of renewal and a time of hope.

A single verse from the Psalms brings the hopes of this week into focus: “Bring joy to your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul” (Psalm 86:4).

May God be close to you during this Easter season and all of the year.