Mary Pugh of St. Mary’s County was inspired to contribute to Adventist HealthCare after witnessing the care that her daughter, Joanne Sprague, received following a devastating motor vehicle accident. Last August, Joanne and her husband, Dan, were riding a motorcycle when a car crossed the median and plowed into them, killing Dan instantly. Joanne’s critical injuries included brain bleeds and a broken jaw, pelvis and wrist. It took two weeks to get her stabilized before Mary arranged for Joanne to be transferred to Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation (Rehab) in Rockville.

During the four weeks at Rehab, Mary seldom left her daughter’s side and was grateful that Kirsten Ricci, MD, allowed her to stay with Joanne during the healing process.

The Rehab staff knew that Joanne had many physical and emotional challenges ahead. She was dealing with intense pain and muscle atrophy. She was also unable to stand or walk and had lost almost 20 pounds. She required occupational therapy, as well as cognitive and speech therapy.

“All of the nursing staff was spectacular, and they were all very sensitive to my situation,” said Joanne. “When they would come in and realize that I had just lost my husband, they would often sit with me, and we would cry and pray together.”

Joanne has since returned to work, driving and the challenges of raising her son.

“Dan’s sudden death was a terrible blow to all of us,” said Mary, ”and it is difficult to imagine how Joanne would have gotten through the emotional pain and recovered from her own serious injuries without the kindness and care she received from the [Rehab] staff.”

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