Sunday is Father’s Day, and a wonderful avalanche of caring will be expressed for all those wonderful Fathers, Dads, Papas, Daddys, Pops, Abbas, Da-das, Pappys, and Daddy-os!

Not everyone celebrates Father’s Day. It can be an awkward holiday when there is an absence in your life of someone carrying one of those names. It could be that you don’t celebrate Father’s Day because your dad has passed away. It could be that there are more complicated reasons why you don’t have someone you call one of those affectionate terms.

This Sunday—Father’s Day—is a day for gratitude for those who have loved you and have been particularly important on your journey through life.

It is a day to say thank you to those who have been father figures for you: People who have given you the attention you needed at just the right moment; who have supported you through good times and bad; who have provided direction or motivation; who have mentored or challenged you to use your gifts and become a better person; who have shared their own life experiences in generous ways. People who have loved you.

There are several people—women and men—who have been fathers for me. I’m sure you could name more than one as well. Sunday is a day to say thank you to your father figures, whoever they might be.

And, of course, Father’s Day is a day to be a good parent to your own kids or to those people who look to you as a father figure. Think of it as a moment to reach out, support, and care for those people whose lives are enriched by your own life.

Father’s Day is a celebration of the love that shapes us and makes us stronger, more caring, and more productive people. To all those wonderful people who have helped us learn that happiness comes from truly loving each other—Happy Father’s Day!