This year, Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center became the first hospital in the Washington metro area to perform minimally invasive total-knee replacement using the MAKOplasty® robotic system.

With MAKOplasty, a specially trained orthopedic surgeon uses a robotic arm to enhance stability and increase range of motion during joint surgery. The new total-knee technology adds to Shady Grove’s robotic capabilities for partial-knee and total-hip replacements, which the hospital pioneered in our region in 2015.

Benefits of MAKOplasty vs. Traditional Joint Replacement Surgery

  • More detailed planning and accuracy.
  • Doctors can instantly make adjustments for any discoveries during the surgery, improving precision in joint placement and alignment.
  • In clinical studies, MAKOplasty patients report less pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times and high long-term satisfaction compared with patients treated with traditional joint replacement surgery.

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