“God is love.” Few sentences could be simpler and yet encompass so much. It is the anchor for the conviction that equality is at the core of our values and that treating each person with love and respect is at the heart of our mission.

Our mission to extend God’s care puts us in direct opposition to those who deny that God loves and cares for each person equally.

And that is why the very last word in our mission statement might actually be the most powerful: Healing. We believe that at its best, healing happens when we take into account a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual healing TOGETHER.

It is our deeply held conviction that as beings created in God’s own image, by God’s own hand, every single one of us is significant to God. Nothing that happens to us is beyond his care — and his capacity to heal.

Healing happens when we truly care about the complete needs of every patient. For us at Adventist HealthCare, that means from the moment of birth through the final moments, and every step along life’s journey.

As we have witnessed this week, there is great sadness, anger, and confusion in our country, even in communities not far from where we live and work. It impacts all of us. We recognize that healing is what is needed—and by God’s grace, we believe that healing can happen.

Healing happens best when we demonstrate our values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship to each person we meet, and to every one we have the privilege to serve.