Last month, Chen-Lien Young celebrated his 100th birthday. Just days before his birthday, he attended a one-on-one training session in Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation’s Wellness Program. The Wellness Program invites former patients who achieved their rehabilitation goals in therapy to continue exercising in a safe environment at Adventist Rehabilitation’s gym under the supervision and instruction of a certified Athletic Trainer.

Since joining the program more than two years ago, Chen-Lien has had training sessions twice a week with Darin Moore, one of the programs certified Athletic Trainers.

Each week, Darin takes an individualized approach to find new exercises and utilize Adventist Rehabilitation’s advanced equipment to improve Chen-Lien‘s strength and overall physical health, as well as reach his personal fitness goals. His daughter, Helene Myers, explained, “We joined this program after my father completed physical therapy at Adventist [Rehabilitation], so he could continue strengthening his leg. Soon after joining we learned it’s doing so much more than that. It’s helping his entire body become stronger.”

Chen-Lien and Darin at one of their training sessions.

As we age we know how important exercise and physical activity is. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Regular physical activity can improve your balance and boost or maintain your strength and fitness. It may also improve your mood and help you manage or lessen the impact of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression.”

Helene shared, “My family and I are so thankful for this program. There are no other programs like the Wellness Program where he can get this type of one-on-one training customized for him.”

A one-on-one training session with a certified Athletic Trainer in our wellness program can include strength, speed and balance training, cardio-respiratory endurance training, activities of daily living (ADL) training, and fitness assessments. In addition, members of the program have access to the Outpatient Gym and its equipment.

‘’His trainer, Darin, is so innovative, accommodating and always looking for new ways to help my father. We want to continue this program forever,” says Helene.