Adventist HealthCare Imaging‘s new weight-bearing foot and ankle CT (PedCT) scan, which is available at Adventist’s Rockville center, offers an improved way to diagnose foot and ankle injuries by providing a clearer, more precise view.

The scan creates an image of the foot or ankle while the patient stands instead of sitting or lying. This approach provides a clearer view compared with traditional X-rays and enables more precise treatment of injuries or deformities such as fractures, bunions and other bone-related issues.

The foot and ankle CT scan offers better imaging of the following conditions and/or injuries:

  • Fractures of the toe, ankle and foot
  • Evaluation of arthritic joints
  • Evaluation of bunion deformities
  • Pre- and postoperative planning and assessment

Additional features

  • Accuracy: Standing images offer the most accurate assessment of injuries
  • Clarity: More detailed, precise 3-D images of the foot and ankle compared with traditional X-rays
  • Speed: The new PedCT scans take less than 60 seconds
  • Low Radiation: These new scans offer ultra-low radiation exposure

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