Don’t wait for the new year to recommit to your health. Start now by scheduling your annual physical with your doctor. A physical is an essential part of your yearly wellness checkup routine.

“Physical exams are an opportunity to evaluate your overall health, refill prescriptions and ask questions,” says Mudita Malhotra, MD, a primary care physician with Adventist HealthCare Adventist Medical Group. Other preventive health checks to ask your doctor about during your physical include:

Annual flu shot

Getting your flu shot is the most effective way to prevent the flu. While you are there, ask your physician about other vaccinations you may need.

Heart health

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index are important measures of heart health. They also indicate your risk for diabetes, obesity, kidney disease and other health conditions.

Colorectal screening

In May, the American Cancer Society changed its recommendation for the age to begin colorectal screenings from 50 to 45.  Examples of common screenings include colonoscopies and stool DNA tests. There is no single recommended test for each person, so talk to your doctor about which screening is right for you.

Just For Women

Well-woman exams are recommended yearly and assess your reproductive health. Your physician may ask about your menstrual cycles and address other issues specific to women’s health.

Annual mammograms are recommended for all women over the age of 40. If you are at increased risk for breast cancer based on family history or genetics, talk with your physician about other screening options.

Just for Men

Talk with your doctor starting at age 50 to see if prostate cancer screening is right for you. If you have other risk factors related to family history, race or lifestyle, your doctor may suggest earlier screening.

Need to schedule your annual physical? Adventist Medical Group can help.