Post-vacation blues

by Nurse Rose Melendez | WGTS 91.9 FM

Whether you’ve just come back from a sunny beach trip or are preparing for a new school year, we’re all familiar with the post-vacation blues, and that feeling is completely natural, according to health expert Nurse Rose Melendez, RN. Here she shares her tips to ditch the blues.

Why do some people feel depressed when returning from vacation?

Nurse Rose: That feeling is most likely caused by anxiety as you adjust back to the every-day stresses of your usual routine like work and family responsibilities. After some time away, your daily routine may suddenly seem insurmountable — not to mention the growing to-do list you’re likely facing at work.

What do you recommend to help people cope with anxiety after vacation?

Nurse Rose: Try these tips to help reduce anxiety and depression as you return from vacation.

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise is a major mood booster.
  • Try a new hobby, recipe or project. Creative expression can help boost your mood and trying a new hobby mimics the novelty of vacation.
  • Get some sleep. Getting enough sleep can have a significant impact on your mood and behavior, and will help with jet lag.
  • Prepare for the week. Preparing meals or doing laundry on the weekend can help alleviate those additional stresses during the week.
  • Eat healthy. A healthy diet can boost your energy.
  • Start planning your next trip. Setting your next vacation goal gives you something to look forward to and boosts your mood.

What if you’ve tried all the usual tricks and you still feel depressed?

Nurse Rose: It’s completely natural for a transition period to cause additional stress, but if you notice any of these lasting signs of depression, it is important to get help with your doctor or a mental health professional.

  • Loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy
  • Feeling hopeless or worthless
  • Extreme changes in sleeping patterns or appetite
  • Thoughts of suicide


Rose Melendez, RN

Rose Melendez, RN

Head of Emergency Department

Rose Melendez, RN is the head of the Emergency Department and Nursing Administration at Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital.

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