According to the American Institute of Stress, a major source of stress for adults is balancing personal and professional obligations and interpersonal issues. To cut down on stress and burnout in the workplace, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are designed to give employers the resources to help their workers achieve better work-life balance and effectively manage their personal issues. Mindy Pierce, the Associate Vice President of Employer Health for Adventist HealthCare, lists four reasons why businesses should invest in an EAP to improve employee well-being and satisfaction.

EAPs Address Concerns Affecting Most Workers

Comprehensive EAPs help workers improve their overall health physically, professionally, socially, mentally and emotionally. These programs use third-party experts and resources to fill in gaps employers may have trouble filling in themselves. For example, if many of your employees struggle with work-life balance, an EAP can give them access to an experienced expert who can help them explore strategies to find more balance. Also, if you’re looking for ways to provide more professional development opportunities for employees, your EAP can provide experts who can train and coach your employees.

Support is Offered in a Setting Most Comfortable to the Employee

Employees are often hesitant to reveal personal information to their employer because they don’t want to face negative outcomes. Fortunately, EAPs are a safe place for employees to discuss their concerns confidentially with a third-party expert. You may also decide that you would like to host a workshop or seminar on a more general topic affecting many employees. Regardless of the issue, employees have the option to receive support more than one way.

An EAP Can Be Customized to Fit the Unique Culture of Your Business

An effective EAP program fits well with the culture of the workplace. Your EAP provider should help you explore wellness topics that are relevant to your employees, determine the best strategy to conduct the outreach and track data to ensure your program’s goals are met.

Employees and Employers Save Money by Using EAPs

EAPs are a benefit program provided at no additional cost to the employee. These programs give employees an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars to seek expert support on their own. In fact, many businesses who use EAP to improve employee wellness often save money on healthcare costs in the long run and have higher employee satisfaction.

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