Did you know that 1 in 4 families has a member with a chronic wound? A wound is classified as chronic if it does not heal in 30 days or less. The rise in non-healing wounds may be caused by an aging population and increasing rates of disease, such as diabetes, obesity, and late effects of radiation therapy.

If you think that you might have a chronic wound, it’s important to get help immediately. Chronic wounds can lead to diminished quality of life and possible amputation. Further, half of people will die within five years of amputation. 

If you think you might have a non-healing wound, see your primary care doctor. Your doctor may refer you to a wound care center, like Adventist HealthCare’s Centers for Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine, where you can benefit from advanced treatment like:

● Specialized Wound Dressing
● Debridement
● Compression Therapy
● Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
● Advanced Cellular Products and Topical Growth Factors
● Edema Management and/or Non-Invasive Vascular Assessment

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