As more businesses focus on ways to help their employees find success inside and outside the workplace, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) remain an important benefit for employers to offer. Learn more about this important program for businesses and how you can help your employees.

What’s an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit offering that provides resources and services to help employees and their families balance the demands of work and life.

Why Should My Business Invest in an EAP Program?

Employees receive the assistance they need so they can be more present at work, ultimately boosting engagement and productivity. A 2016 study conducted by Chestnut Global analyzed results from 8,100 individuals utilizing EAP services across twenty different EAP providers. The results show:

  • 46% Decreased Absenteeism
  • 13% Decreased Work Distress
  • 7% Increased Engagement
  • 20% Increased Life Satisfaction

Nicole D’Uva, Director of Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies explains, “you may or may not see a return on investment when reviewing claims data, but you will certainly see the benefit of EAP when you look at employee productivity, engagement and turnover.”

In addition, Employee Assistance Programs can help create a supportive environment following a critical incident in the workplace. A critical incident may include violent workplace incidents, the death of a co-worker or a reduction in force. “By investing in a robust employee assistance program, you have the ability to impact employees before they are in crisis. I compare this to a life insurance policy, it’s wise to invest before you need it,” D’Uva says.

What Services Come with an EAP Program?

Most Employee Assistance Programs come with several different types of resources to assist employees and their families such as:

D’Uva shares that the LifeWork Strategies EAP is unique because, “in addition to traditional EAP services, we offer leadership coaching and management consultations to support and grow leaders within the businesses we serve.” LifeWork Strategies also offers workshops, seminars and classes where specialists come to the workplace and share information.

How to Choose an EAP Program for Your Business

Some EAP programs are provided to businesses through an existing carrier contract like medical or life insurance. While these programs may be cost effective, they are not tailored specifically to your business. The programs provided by LifeWork Strategies offer businesses more options and guidance on creating and introducing the program to their employees.

Other EAP Programs:

  • Over the phone counseling and support
  • Few on-site resources, such as critical incident response and education
  • Participants may not speak to a clinician when they call
  • Program information included only in benefit summary
  • Limited utilization reporting

LifeWork Strategies EAP Programs:

  • Face-to-face counseling
  • On-site counseling and critical incident response
  • Over the phone management workplace support with expert consultant
  • Quarterly reports and bi-annual summaries
  • Customized EAP promotion to employees
  • On-site educational seminars and health screenings

How to Implement Your EAP Program with Employees

Adventist HealthCare’s LifeWork Strategies team will lead you through each step of bringing an EAP program to your workplace. We tailor our services to your work culture and training needs to ensure the best program for you and your employees. You will have access to a team of health and wellness experts with advanced training that can answer questions and make recommendations.

How to Promote Your EAP with Employees

Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies will not stop promoting the benefit after implementation, “we ensure engagement and utilization through regular communications with our client liaison and employees,” says D’Uva. Some simple ways to let employees know about this important program are:

  • Mention at regular staff meetings
  • Provide flyers in breakrooms, work stations and lunch rooms
  • Employee newsletter
  • Email reminders about important services or contact information
  • Regular orientations for employees and managers

Looking for an EAP Provider to create a healthier workplace for your employees?