Meet Amra Nasir, MD, Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care’s Medical Director. Dr. Nasir has been practicing medicine for 26 years and has been with Adventist HealthCare for almost four years. Get to know more about her in our special feature on getting to know our Adventist HealthCare physicians.

When Did You Decide You Wanted to Become a Doctor?

I come from a large family of doctors. From a very young age, I was encouraged to go to medical school and become a doctor. I chose to become an urgent care physician to be able to help my patients and provide quality care quickly.

What Do You Love Most About Your Job and Working with Patients?

I love working with patients because of the interactions and conversations I have with them. I love to talk! In more recent years, I have discovered that being a doctor is more than treating people. I strive to serve the patients I see by creating a relationship of trust.

Why Did You Choose to Work at Adventist HealthCare?

I first chose to work here because of the mission, which is the driving force behind my work. My husband was also working for Adventist HealthCare when I was looking to make a switch and always had good things to say. The people I work with and treat are amazing.

What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time?

When I can find a minute to myself, I love cooking. I use it as a stress reliever, especially when I can cook for my children. I also enjoy going to different restaurants and participating in traditional yoga on Saturday mornings. I am a true yoga enthusiast!

What is One Tip to Live a Happier, Healthier Life?

Gratitude is key. It allows us to acknowledge the good in our lives. Typically, we recognize that the source of the good lies partially outside of us, giving us the ability to connect to something larger than ourselves. This could include other people, nature, or a higher power. Gratitude is often associated with a greater happiness allowing us to feel more positive emotions, have good experiences, improve our health, and build relationships.

Amra Nasir,MD

Amra Nasir,MD

Medical Director

Amra Nasir, MD, is the Medical Director for Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care.

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